Meeting Room Scheduling FAQ


How do I reserve a meeting room?
All library locations have meeting rooms that can be reserved for free by nonprofit organizations and for a small fee by for-profit organizations. To reserve a meeting room, please visit or telephone an AACPL branch. The meeting room can be booked by submitting an application and payment, if necessary. A new application must be completed any time the contact for the organization changes.


How much does it cost to use the meeting room?
Please view meeting room fee information here.


How far in advance may I schedule a meeting room?
Meeting room reservations can be made for the current calendar year.  Reservations for the next calendar year are accepted beginning on the first Monday of October of the current year.  Additional availability of meeting rooms for weekdays during the summer months will be determined in early spring. Reservations for these dates can be made beginning the first Monday of April.


Are there any limitations to scheduling a meeting room?
During the first day of meeting room sign-ups for the following year, the first Monday in October, one person is limited to booking for one individual/organization. Someone wishing to book for more than one individual/organization must wait in line again for each individual/organization for which they wish to make reservations.  For example, a property management company booking for multiple Homeowners Associations (HOA) will book meetings for one of their Homeowner's Associations, and then wait in line again to book meetings for another HOA. This allows other groups equal access to the library meeting rooms.


When are library meeting rooms available for booking?
The meeting rooms are only available during Library operating hours and all groups must vacate the room 15 minutes prior to closing time. Library meeting rooms may be unavailable at times due to library programming and meetings that have been scheduled in the meeting room.  


Can I use the meeting room before my scheduled time to set up?
The meeting room can only be used within your scheduled time.  When booking the meeting room, please be sure to allow for time to set up, restore the room to order, and vacate within your reserved time.


How often may a group use a meeting room?
Groups may book only one room for no more than once every other week at any individual branch location.


Are meeting rooms equipped with a screen and projector?
Some meeting rooms have screens but groups must provide their own equipment needs. Please call each individual branch for specifics.


Are there tables and chairs in branch meeting rooms?
All meeting rooms are equipped with tables and chairs. Please call each individual branch for specifics regarding the number available.


Where can I find your meeting room policy?
The meeting room policy can be found here.