Heart Gallery at Annapolis Library

During the month of February, the Annapolis Regional Library is hosting a very special exhibit. Heart Gallery of America has created a display of photos and stories of children throughout Maryland who are in the foster care system and seeking adoptive parents. Of the over 425,000 children currently in the United States foster care system, 100,000 are in need of adoptive homes right now, including many right here in Maryland. Older children, teens and those with special needs, are statistically less likely to be adopted. This year, 20,000 American children will age out of the foster system, starting out as adults without a family support network to help them find their way. The Heart Gallery of America has been utilizing the power of photography to share the stories of these children throughout the United States for the past 15 years. If you've ever considered adoption, or if adoption has already touched your own life, we hope you will visit and experience this powerful exhibit.

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Heart Gallery display at Annapolis Library