Committee Membership

Finance and Audit Committee

Barbara D. Maxwell, Chair J. Robert Sapp, III
Penny Evans William Shorter, ex officio
Tonya E. Baroudi, Vice Chair                                                     

Staff Support: Cedric Grant and Cathleen Sparrow

Human Resources and Diversity Committee

Sandra L. Solomon, Co-Chair                                                     Leslie A. Anderson
Brooke Toomey, Co-Chair Joyce C. Miller
Dalix Cruz, Vice Chair William Shorter, ex officio

Staff Support: Koven Roundtree and Cathy Hollerbach

Governance, Strategy, and Organization Committee

JanElaine Smith, Chair Catherine Belcher
James R. Estepp, Vice Chair                                                     Gerald P. Starr
Simmona Simmons Laura J. Ellis
Joan C. Beck William Shorter, ex officio

Staff Support: Rudy Rodela and Christine Feldman