Committee Membership

New Board of Library Trustee members will be added to committees soon.

Finance and Audit Committee

Catherine Belcher, Chair                                                   Ishani Gandhi
J. Robert Sapp, III   

Staff Support: Cedric Grant and Cathleen Sparrow

Human Resources and Diversity Committee

Sandra L. Solomon, Co-Chair                                                     Faith Steele
Dalix Cruz, Vice Chair Lonni Summers
Noah Comet Damita McDonald

Staff Support: Koven Roundtree and Cathy Hollerbach

Governance, Strategy, and Organization Committee

James R. Estepp, Chair                     Gerald P. Starr
JanElaine Smith                                                  Laura Ellis
Simona Simmons                    Jeremy York
Tim Lemke  

Staff Support: Rudy Rodela and Christine Feldman