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The Music of What Happens by Bill Konigsberg

by : 
Cara K., The Key School

The Music of What Happens follows two queer boys living in Arizona. Max wants to spend his last summer of high school doing nothing. However, when Max gets roped into helping Jordan run his late father’s food truck, his summer becomes anything but chill. As the two spend hours and hours crammed together in their sweltering truck debating what is organic and what isn’t, they slowly start to fall in love with each other.  

This book is truly beautiful. It is incredibly atmospheric and engaging in a way that makes me feel as though I am sitting in a food truck with Max and Jordan. The pages just flew by. I related to the characters on a very personal level, falling in love with Jordan’s poetry and Max’s artwork. One of my favorite things about it was how this isn’t a “magic fix-it-all” love story. Both Jordan and Max are dealing with trauma and family issues and falling in love doesn’t change that. They help each other through their issues, but they do so healthily and with the help of family and friends. My only complaint is Jordan’s friends can come across as a little fetishizing of Max and Jordan, though luckily they don’t take up too much page space.  

I wish I could erase this book from my mind just to be able to read it all over again. It is a wonderful, heartfelt story that every queer person should read. This is such an important book, and I will definitely be reading it again!  

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