Oasis: A Novel by Katya de Becerra

by : 
Baylee J, North County High School

Oasis: A Novel by Katya de Becerra is about a girl named Alif who has traveled to Dubai with her five friends Minh, Luke, Lori, Tommy, and Rowen to help her father, who was an archaeologist, with his latest excavation campaign. Shortly after they arrive at her father’s dig site in the desert a strange man wanders into the camp, tells her something ominous, then later that night a sandstorm hits the camp and flushes Alif and her friends into the desert alone. They wander for a day until they stumble upon what looks to be a vast oasis.  

I believe the author did a great job at sculpting Alif’s friend group. Each character had a unique personality that sometimes clashed with another’s, which made it all the more realistic. What was really interesting was how far those personalities were stretched when each character was thrown into a stressful/dire situation. Something that I disliked about the book was how slow the beginning was. Beginnings are really important for introducing the characters and their relationships.

However, I felt that a lot of it could have been shortened or left out. After reading this book, I’d say it deserves four stars. Like I said, I really enjoyed the group dynamic created with Alif and her friends. Those who like to read adventure and mystery, as well as some drama, should definitely look into this book. 


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