R.I.P Eliza Hart by Alyssa Sheinmel

by : 
Naya B., North County High School

Ellie Sokoloff, a girl with crippling claustrophobia, wants to find out what happened to Eliza Hart, her childhood best friend, after her mysterious death by the cliffs near her dormitory. This becomes a problem when Ellie finds out that Eliza spread awful rumors about her leading up to her death, causing people to believe that Ellie is her murderer.  

I enjoyed the book because the characters felt very real to me, and the author's descriptions and imagery made the story very easy to envision while reading. My favorite aspect of the book is the fact that we get to know Eliza personally in various chapters, despite her being dead.  

One thing I nitpicked throughout the book was the relationship between Ellie and Sam feeling fairly rushed and cliché in a way--they went from being strangers to best friends within the span of only a couple days and that felt sort of unrealistic to me.  

In all, I'd rate the book 4-4.5 stars. I'd recommend the book to students between the ages of 12-18 or anyone who enjoys reading books about psychology and likes a good mystery because the book dives into the mind of Ellie and does a good job of depicting the mind of a person with a crippling phobia as well as keeping the reader in suspense and intrigue. 

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