Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw

by : 
Syndey W., Annapolis High School

Strange Practice is the first book of a series by Vivian Shaw. It follows Dr. Greta Helsing, who owns a practice that treats the undead and supernatural beings. Soon, a patient turns up with a mysterious injury, and that’s just the beginning of the trouble she encounters. It’s up to her and her supernatural friends and colleagues to find out who or what’s behind it all.   

Both the characters and the descriptions within this novel were very well written. The characters are realistic and relatable, even the ones that weren’t human took on very human-like personality traits. I liked the way that the author didn’t get stuck on the differences between the human characters and the non-human ones, and presented them in a friendly, equal manner, which really added to the realism of both the main character’s point of view. I also think it’s interesting that the author used characters from historic vampire literature and brought them to life in the modern world, and that historical literature is referenced throughout.   

One thing that I thought could use a little work was the chaos during the climax. It was well written, but at the same time, a bit confusing. I had to go back and re-read that section of the book a few times.  

Even though it technically is in the adult section, I personally feel like this would appeal to teens more than adults. I enjoyed it a lot when I read it, and so did my mother when she read it after me. I think for fans of fantasy and supernatural books, this would be a good book for you to read. I would also recommend the other two books in the series. 

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