Educator’s Library Card Policy

The Educator’s Library Card is a way for educators to provide material for the benefit of their students who live in Anne Arundel County. Eligible individuals include teachers, college professors, media specialist/librarians, licensed child care providers, homeschool parents and guardians who teach in Anne Arundel County. 

Anne Arundel County Residents who serve students outside of Anne Arundel County are not eligible. 

  • Educators must provide a driver’s license or other valid identification that verifies their current home address; as well as proof of current teaching assignment. 

Acceptable proof includes:    

  • Work ID with a pay stub issued in the last 60-day or letter on school letterhead, including name of the teacher applying for teacher’s library card, and dated for the current school year and signed by principal of school. 
  •  College professors must provide a contract and work ID. 
  •  Licensed daycare providers must provide a State of Maryland Child Care Certificate.  
  • Registered home school parents are also eligible for this service and must provide current written proof of verification from the Anne Arundel County Home School Office or home school network. They also must be a resident of Anne Arundel County. 
  • Cards must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. The Educator’s library card will expire 8/31 each year.  All outstanding fines and fees must be paid on the Educator’s and personal library card before it will be renewed. 
  •  Individuals who wish to apply for this card also must have a personal Anne Arundel County Library Card, without any outstanding fines. They can apply for both the teacher and personal library card on the same day. 
  • The Educator’s Library Card is to be used for classroom related materials only. Entertainment DVD’s, 7-day Express Material, PlayAway Views, PlayAway Launch Pads, Londontown and Garden Family Passes, and  MARINA/OCLC material cannot be checked out on a Educator’s Card. 
  •  Borrowers are allowed to check out 99 items the items will circulate for 6 weeks. Materials may be renewed twice for additional 6-week period. 
  • All overdue materials must be returned before other materials may be charged out. Fines for overdue materials will not be charged to the Educator’s Library Card. Teachers will be responsible for collection agency fees and fees associated with lost and damaged materials borrowed with this library card. 
  • The Circulation Services Manager can revoke the special privileges of the Educator’s Library Card if the policies set forth are continually not followed.