Your Gifts in Action: Keeping Loved Ones Connected

After suffering a stroke, Army veteran William “Smitty” Smith, Jr., began residing at an assisted living facility in St. Mary’s County. Frances, his wife of 55 years, visited him several times a week to stay connected because nothing would keep her from him.

Then the COVID 19 pandemic hit, and nursing care facilities restricted visitors. For several months, Frances couldn’t visit William. She knew she needed to find a way to connect with him. Her teenage grandson offered a solution – her local library.

The Eastport-Annapolis Neck librarians came to Frances and Smitty’s rescue. Using a public computer station, Frances learned how to use Zoom and set up weekly visits with William. Virtual visits helped William know that he was no longer isolated and seeing Frances was good for his soul. Each week, Frances visited the library, and as staff became personally involved, found themselves inspired by the couple’s love and commitment to one another.

Your philanthropic support ensures the library can serve its customers by providing resources to help people like Frances and William stay connected when they need it most.

Because of you, Frances is able to spend time with Smitty through Zoom and keep their love strong. Her weekly visit to the library brightens their lives, at least for a short time. Both Frances and William are grateful to the library for keeping their hearts connected.

William and Frances attending the Morgan State ROTC Ball in 1965   Frances and William at their 50th wedding anniversary


Above: William and Frances attending the Morgan State ROTC Ball in 1965. They are incredibly proud of their life of sacrifice and service. At right, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.