Interlibrary Loans and Marina

What is Interlibrary Loan?
Interlibrary Loan is the process of obtaining materials that Anne Arundel County Public Library  (AACPL) does not own through a national lending collaborative, in addition to the statewide cooperative known as Marina.

What is Marina?
Marina is an online catalog of materials owned by all the public libraries in Maryland. Customers can search for and request many of these items themselves, or a Library staff member can assist. 

Can I request any items through Marina?
Library systems can elect not to lend some types of materials through Marina. If an item is already checked out or the owning system chooses  not to make the item available, you will see that the item is "Not Requestable."

Items that may be particularly difficult or impossible to request through Marina include:

  • New books (published within the past year)
  • Entire magazine issues. (Specific articles may be available.)
  • Reference (non-circulating) items
  • Audio-visual material (audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs)
  • Electronic devices

What about materials that aren't available through AACPL or Marina?
AACPL can request materials from public and academic libraries throughout the country. To place a request, connect with AACPL Information staff in person, by phone or online by using Email A Librarian.

How much does this cost?
All materials requested through Marina are free. Although AACPL does not charge for Interlibrary Loans outside the Marina collection, some libraries do charge a lending fee. This fee varies from $5 to $50. AACPL always strives to find free lenders, but occasionally an item will only be available from a library that charges.  You should indicate how much – if any cost - you are willing to pay if we are unable to find a free lender.

How long does it take to get an item through Interlibrary Loan?

  • Materials provided by Marina take approximately 10 to15 working days to be delivered from another public library system.
  • Materials from outside the Marina system take approximately 15 to 25 working days to arrive.

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