3D Printing

Two boys watching 3D printer.

3D printing is not available at this time.

With Anne Arundel County Public Library’s 3D printing service, you are only limited by your imagination!

Select a design from a website like Thingiverse, or design your own object with open source CAD software, such as Tinkercad. Save the file in .STL format.

Bring your design to the Crofton, Glen Burnie, Odenton libraries on a flash drive from Monday to Saturday to see your design brought to life. 

Funding for the 3D printers at Crofton, Glen Burnie, and Odenton Libraries was provided by Rockwell Collins and the Anne Arundel County Public Library Foundation

Getting Started

  • Visit the Information Desk at Crofton Community Library, Odenton Regional Library, or Glen Burnie Regional Library any time from Monday through Saturday.
  • Bring your .STL file on a flash drive.
  • Staff will review your file, provide the cost to print, and ask you to sign the 3D Printing Request formPDF Document. You may complete this form in advance and bring it with you. 
  • Cost to print is $.25 per gram, plus tax. The minimum cost is $.25, + tax per print.
  • Payment for your object is to be made at the time of the request.
  • Once your object has been printed, the library will contact you via phone or email to pick up your item and your flash drive. It can take up to seven business days for a print job to be completed.
  • Your item will be held for pickup for seven business days after you have been contacted. After seven days the print job becomes the property of the library and may be recycled or discarded.

3D Printing Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I choose a color? Yes, you may choose a color from those currently available at the library. 
  2. How long does it take? Please allow up to seven business days for your 3D print job to be completed. We will print files in the order in which they were received (with library programs and activities having priority), and contact you as soon as your object has been completed.
  3. Can I estimate the cost of my print before bringing my file to the library? Yes, you can download the free, open-source, Cura software (Lulzbot Edition) that the library uses and load your file into the software. This will tell you how many grams your 3D printed object will weigh.
  4. Can I request multiple items for printing? Customers may only request one item be printed at a time. We do accept single items that require printing in multiple parts. This is to ensure that all customers have the opportunity to have files printed in a timely manner. Once your print job has been picked up, we welcome you to submit another request.
  5. I’d like to print an object that is composed of multiple parts. Should this be in one file or multiple files? Please provide separate files for each component of your object. This allows library staff to optimize print settings to each piece.
  6. Can the library resize my object for me? We recommend refining the exact dimensions of your object before bringing it to library staff for printing. Library staff have different abilities in 3D print design and cannot be responsible for the quality or successful printing of your file. If you need help resizing your file, you can attend a library class.

Technical Notes

  • The Library uses PLA and ABS plastic filament
  • Printers are Lulzbot Mini
  • Maximum print size is 6” x 6” x 6” (though printing to this maximum limit may reduce quality)
  • Maximum print time is 12 hours.
  • Objects print in a single color
  • Accepted file format is .STL