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London Town Museum Passes FAQ

Historic London Town and Gardens Customer FAQ

  1. Why is Anne Arundel County Public Library offering Historic London Town and Gardens family passes for checkout? 
    We currently have a partnership with London Town; this is a great way to expand upon this partnership.
  2. Who can check out a London Town and Gardens Family pass?
    Adults, children and teens that have a valid Anne Arundel County Public Library card may check out the pass. A valid card is one that has less than $15.00 in current fines and is not in collection status. 
  3. How many passes will each branch have?
    Each branch has one pass to lend.
  4. How many people will a family pass provide admission for?
    A family pass is good for admission to Historic London Town and Gardens for up to four people.
  5. How many passes can be checked out on each library card?
    Only one pass per customer can be checked out at a time.
  6. How do I search for the pass in the catalog? 
    You should search for "Historic London Town and Gardens Family Pass."
  7. Can I place a hold on the pass?
    Yes, one hold per customer can be placed on the pass.
  8. Can the pass be renewed?
    The pass is not renewable because of the limited number of passes.
  9. What happens if I lose the pass or return it late?
    If the pass is not returned on time, the fine per day is $.30. There is a $5.00 replacement cost if the pass is lost or damaged.
  10. Does the pass have to be returned where it was checked out?
    The pass can be returned to any Anne Arundel County Public Library location. It should not be returned to another library system.
  11. Can the pass be returned in the book drop?
    Yes, the pass can be returned in the book drop.
  12. How long can I check the pass out for? 
    The pass can be checked out for one week.