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Lost and Damaged Policy

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When an item has been lost or damaged while in possession of a customer, the customer pays the full replacement price. Replacement copies are not accepted as substitutes for lost, missing or damaged item fees.

  1. Lost Items
    1. If an item is not returned after 30 days overdue, the item is considered assumed lost, and the customer is billed for the item. If the item is returned, the replacement cost bill is removed and the maximum fine is applied.
    2. A bill for the replacement cost of the lost item is sent to the customer by email or text message only.
    3. Customers can self-report a lost item to staff and they will be billed the full cost of the item.
  1. Damaged Items
    1. If an item is damaged to the extent that it can no longer circulate in the collection, the customer will be charged the full replacement cost.
  1. Missing Parts
    1. Customers must pay the full set price for missing DVD and music CDs.
    2. Customers will pay the replacement price for missing audio book CDs. See missing parts price list for price details.
    3. Customers may be billed for missing parts. See missing parts price list for details.


Revisions approved by the Anne Arundel County Public Library Board of Trustees on October 17, 2019