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Eliana Semanoff has loved reading from a young age, and in August, she reached a remarkable milestone: She was the first student to read 1,000 books before kindergarten at Mountain Road Library.

A national early literacy program, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten was adopted by the Anne Arundel County Public Library system (AACPL) for its youngest readers. Parents create an account at the library and log the books they read with their child, starting even from birth.

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ODENTON, Md. — Susan Trial stood in the library lobby, flipping through a binder of other people’s life stories. Each page held an account, a true one, of a life lived on the margins. 

“I’m a Black, Spanish-speaking, American Muslim,” one read. “I’ve learned to move about in a society that labels me incorrectly nearly every time.”

Another account read, “I lived in an integrated neighborhood and attended segregated schools from first grade until I graduated high school.”

“I’ve been living with chronic illnesses for over half my life,” read yet another. “Because my chronic illness and mental illness are invisible, I have had difficulty being understood.”

As Trial browsed the pages, the librarians explained: Saturday’s event at the Anne Arundel County Public Library was an offshoot of the Human Library, a worldwide nonprofit group where people from the community serve as “books,” sharing their real-life stories and struggles. Today’s titles were wide-ranging: an incest survivor; a woman suffering post-traumatic stress disorder; a gay, transgender Saudi Arabian man; a first-generation Guatemalan immigrant. Posters invited participants to “unjudge someone.”

After a few minutes of browsing, Trial, 42, shut the binder.

“I’ll just take whatever the next open slot is,” Trial told the librarian. She found all the stories compelling. She thought it was important to be open.

For the past few years, the story of America has been the story of choosing sides. Headlines often speak of our divided nation, where the nuts and bolts of identity — gender, homeland, sexual orientation — feel somehow distinctly political. News and social media reveal the exhaustive cycle of spats about labels and lines that we’ve devised. These things are supposed to help us grapple with who we are and where we stand; arguably, they leave us isolated, alienated.

All this makes the Human Library’s exercise both simple and radical. For 15 minutes, people sit across the table from a stranger, freed from social constraints, and connect. Ask any question. Share any story. Listen. Look the other person in the eye. Just try.

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Nearly 50 years after it first opened in 1971, the Riviera Beach Library is being revamped with a new and improved building, expanded interior and modern appearance.

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Unveils Latino Outreach Program

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (September 15, 2016) – Officials from the Anne Arundel County Public Library today announced their lineup of events and activities to mark National Hispanic Heritage Month.


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (September 14, 2016) -- The Anne Arundel County Public Library (AACPL) is once again blurring the lines between fashion, technology and education by hosting its second annual wearable electronic showcase.       


Objects can be Printed at Three County Libraries at Minimal Cost

       (September 12, 2016 -Annapolis, Md.) –Anne Arundel County Public Library officials today announced a new 3-D printing service at three of its locations. Customers can now print objects using the Library’s new 3-D printers at minimal cost at the Annapolis, Glen Burnie and Odenton Regional branches.


Customers Can Learn 30 Languages on PC, Mac or Android Mobile Device

 (July 15, 2016–Annapolis, Md.) Officials with the Anne Arundel County Public Library today began offering Rosetta Stone Library Solution, the popular and fun language learning software.