The Linthicum Library will be closed from Monday, October 26 through Wednesday, November 4 for HVAC replacement.

Curbside Plus Services now include in-person appointments for computer use and other library services. Please call a library location to schedule.

Masks must be worn for curbside pickup or during appointments.

Meeting Room Policy

New meeting room reservations have been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19.

Information about refunds for paid meeting room books that were cancelled due to COVID-19 precautions can be found here


The Anne Arundel County Public Library (AACPL) welcomes the use of its meeting rooms for public gatherings by groups who agree to observe the library rules and whose activities do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability. Rooms are available to groups regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of their members. The library reserves the right to revoke permission to use the meeting rooms.

Limitations: Meeting rooms are not available for social gatherings (such as parties or entertainment), fund-raising efforts, or when, in the judgment of the AACPL Chief Executive Officer, the use poses a threat to the life, safety or property of any individual.


Non-profit and not-for-profit groups may use the meeting room free of charge. Verification of non-profit status may be required.

AACPL, library affiliated groups, local, state and federal government offices/departments and their elected officials and the Anne Arundel County Literacy Council tutors do not pay a fee to use AACPL meeting rooms.  For-profit groups must pay a fee within two weeks of requesting a meeting room booking. Room reservations are not confirmed until payment is made. Failure to pay within 14 days will result in forfeiture of the booking. In-kind contributions, in lieu of a fee, are permissible with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer.
Meetings may be closed to the public pursuant to the Maryland Open Meetings Act.



Up to 4 hours

More than 4 hrs and up to 8 hrs

More than 8 hours

Meeting room/Computer lab




Small conference room or  partitioned meeting room





The meeting rooms are only available during library operating hours and all groups must vacate the room 15 minutes prior to closing time. Groups may book only one room for no more than once a month at any individual branch location. 


Organizations should notify the library as soon as possible if a meeting is canceled.
Nonprofits: Two “no shows” in a calendar year will result in termination of meeting room privileges for a year. Banning may be appealed to the Chief Executive Officer.

For-profits:  There will be no refunds for cancellations unless the library is not open due to emergency.
Groups wanting to cancel a reservation must do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled event in order to reschedule within the current booking period.


No money may be collected by a non-profit group using a meeting room, with the exception of dues, tuition fees/materials for education courses or registration fees for conferences and/or events held in cooperation with the library.  Admission fees may be charged and products or services may be sold by an organization that has paid to use the meeting room.  If a nonprofit group wishes to charge fees or sell products or services, they will be acting as a for-profit group and must pay a fee to use the meeting room.

Emergency Closings:  When AACPL or a branch library closes due to emergency, every effort will be made to notify organizations scheduled to use the meeting room(s).  During adverse weather conditions, group representatives should call the branch or go to the AACPL website at for more information.  
Food and Drink:  Light refreshments may be served. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted without AACPL Board of Trustees approval.

Publicity: Organizations may not identify AACPL as a sponsor or use the library phone number/mailing address as the contact information for the organization. Organizations wishing to display their own signage may do so one hour before their meeting and must remove their signage immediately following the meeting. No program in the library may be broadcast or televised without permission from the Chief Executive Officer.

All printed materials such as fliers or posters publicizing meetings at the library must contain the following disclaimer:  “Use of the library meeting space does not constitute endorsement of the program/meeting or its content by Anne Arundel County Public Library.”

Responsibilities: Organizations are responsible for setting up the rooms and should include time for set-up and clean-up into their reservation time.  If a group has not arrived within 30 minutes of their scheduled time, the room may be available to walk-ins. Members of the organization are expected to leave the room at the end of the reserved time period.  Rooms must be left in the same condition as they are found.

Groups are responsible for making their meeting accessible to individuals with disabilities. Federal regulations require groups using the meeting room to provide a sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired if one is requested.  AACPL will assist with identifying a sign language interpreter if the request is made at least one week in advance.

Safety:  At the beginning of each meeting, the person in charge of the meeting must make sure all interior doors leading from the meeting room are unlocked and call attention to the number and location of exits from the meeting room. Smoking is not permitted. Open fire is not permitted in the library, including the use of candles. If children under the age of 18 are in attendance, there must be at least two adults (age 18 or older) present in the meeting room at all times. 

Exceptions to these policies are possible only by permission of the Chief Executive Officer and/or by the Library Board of Trustees.

The primary function of meeting rooms is to provide space for library sponsored and co-sponsored programs.  When not in use by AACPL, meeting rooms are open and available for public use. Public gatherings must observe library rules. The library reserves the right to attend any events and meetings held in its facilities (except lawful executive sessions of government bodies) to verify that no illegal activities are taking place on the library’s premises and to ensure that library policies are being followed. The use of meeting rooms for library programs is subject to the AACPL program policies.

User knows, understands and acknowledges the risks and hazards associated with using the library’s meeting rooms and hereby assume any and all risks and hazards associated therewith.  User hereby irrevocably waives any and all claims against the Anne Arundel County Public Library, the local government or any of its officials, employees or agents for any bodily injury (including death), loss or property damage incurred by the user as a result of using the library’s meeting rooms and hereby irrevocably releases and discharges the library, the local government and any of its officials, employees or agents from any and all claims of liability arising out of or associated with the use of the library’s meeting rooms.

User shall indemnify and hold harmless the library, local government and its officials, employees and agents from and against any and all liabilities, judgments, settlements, losses, costs or charges (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by the library, local government or any of its officials, employees or agents as a result of any claim, demand, action or suit relating to any bodily injury (including death), loss of property damage cause by, arising out of, related to or associated with the use of the library’s meeting rooms by the user or by the user’s members, employees, agents or invitees.

Property Damage:
User shall pay the library and/or the local government for any and all physical loss or damage to the property (including the cost to repair or replace the property) caused by, arising out of, relating to or associated with the use of the library’s meeting rooms by the user or by the user’s members, employees, agents or invitees.