Anne Arundel County Public Library begins new mobile story time program

WMAR-TV news story

In Anne Arundel county all 16 libraries have a story time program. That's when families can come in and young children have books read to them, it also get the kids up to speed for starting school. 

According to the Maryland 2021-22 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Report, 40% of kindergarten children in the county were not prepared for school.

"That one on one time with a parent, a care giver, and a library professional learning about colors and body parts and stories and vocabulary all matters because it helps kids with the skills to be ready for school," said Anne Arundel County Public Library employee Christine Feldman.

When children don't have access to a library for a myriad of reasons, they may start their academic career at a disadvantage. When they start from behind, it's difficult to catch up.

Those skills your lacking is so much harder to get the earlier you get so having your child be ready for school will hopefully lead to better academic success in the future and better life success," said Feldman.

Martina Maslanik came with her family. Maslanik found the value and love of books early on.

"Children that don't get introduced to books and stories early on, it will be hard for them to find the love for reading later in life," said Maslanik.

The main reason Maslanik found the love of reading was from her mother.

"I'd take her to the library on a regular basis. Buy books from book clubs, participate in school," said Tina Snow. 

"There's something about opening a book and touching the pages," said Snow.

That enjoyable feeling of holding a book will now be easier in Anne Arundel county.