Banning Policy

(En Español: Política de prohibición)

Customers who do not comply with the Code of Conduct established by the Anne Arundel County Public Library Board of Library Trustees will be addressed by staff to correct their behavior or exit the library branch or Library Headquarters for a specified period of time. This loss of privileges is recognized as a ban and includes revocation of access to library buildings, computers, materials, and services for a specified period of time.  

 Designated library staff will determine if a customer's misconduct justifies imposition of a ban and the length of the banning period. The length of the banning will vary, depending on the severity of the misconduct and the impact of disruption to public services.

Staff will provide written documentation of all incidents that result in banning for one week or more. Police will be called if illegal activity takes place, or a customer ignores any banning directive from library staff.

Bans may be appealed to the Library CEO by submitting a written request. If bans are issued by library staff for more than a year, that individual may appeal to the Board of Trustees through a written request. All bans of one month or more will be in writing and will be housed in the appropriate office as designated by the CEO. Anyone coming to a library to vote will be allowed; they have to leave immediately after voting. 

Lifetime Ban

Permanent bans will only be instituted by the Board of Library Trustees. The customer may appeal the ban in writing before the next scheduled Board meeting.

The following could call for a Lifetime Ban:

  • Refusing to follow the library's Code of Conduct after being banned multiple times
  • Repeated issues demonstrating increasingly disturbing and or disruptive behavior
  • Actions that seriously disrupt the operation of the library or the conduct of business
  • Behavior that is a serious safety concern and poses a danger to staff and the public

The customer will be given notice of the allegations and that a request for lifetime ban will be submitted to the Board of Library Trustees. The Library CEO will then make a request to the Board of Library Trustees to institute a lifetime ban at the first possible Board of Library Trustees meeting.

If the customer adheres to the ban imposed by the Board of Library Trustees for a period of not less than one year, then the customer may submit a written application to the CEO to have their privileges reinstated. The CEO will present the application to the Board at the first possible Board of Library Trustees meeting.  If the customer's application and any exhibits objectively demonstrate that the customer has changed and recognized that their prior conduct was unacceptable and will not be repeated, the customer may have their privileges reinstated on such terms and conditions as the Board of Library Trustees may approve.

(Reference letter from the MD Assistant Attorney General to Irene Padilla, Assistant State Superintendent for Library Development and Services dated May 6, 2010 regarding County Library Ban Policies for Cecil County Public Library.)

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees October 21, 2021

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