Unresolved Return Policy

(En Español: Política de devoluciones sin resolver)

Anne Arundel County Public Library will extend the privilege to customers of claiming that they have returned materials that the circulation system indicates are still checked out to them.

Library users who receive an overdue notice for an item they believe has been returned must notify the library. Anne Arundel County Public Library will work with customers to locate the item they claim has been returned to one of our library branches.

If the item is not located, library staff will identify an item as “claims returned” in the user’s record. A user may have only 2 instances of “claims returned” listed on their account. After the maximum of 2 “claims returned” incidents, the “claims returned” option is no longer available to the customer, and they shall be liable for the return of the material or the full cost of replacement, before being eligible for another instance of a “claims returned.”

Policy approved by the Library Board of Trustees on May 18, 2023.

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