What are Premium Resources?

An in-depth look

Like reference books, these premium reference resources

  • Provide reliable, verified information
  • Are compiled by trusted reference publishers
  • Can be cited in research papers
  • Are paid for by the library so there’s no charge to you

Among the resources you’ll find are articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers; electronic versions of encyclopedias, manuals, and other books; professional pamphlets; and material from trusted websites.

Can't I get it on the Internet?

What is the difference between the library's online Premium Resources and Internet websites?

Here are some key differences between the two resources:

Premium Resources:

  • work through the Internet, but are not Internet sites.
  • are published by reliable companies, like book publishers.
  • provide access to information, articles, and more.
  • use really flexible search methods.
  • are free of charge with your Anne Arundel County Public Library card.


  • can have unreliable information.
  • valuable content (like magazine or newspaper articles) is not free.
  • has annoying pop-up ads, flashing banners, and advertisements.

 Why should you use Premium Resources?

  • you need ARTICLES for a research paper.
  • your teacher told you to use only SCHOLARLY material.
  • you want FREE ACCESS to articles & e-books.
  • sources include car repair, consumer reports, legal forms, music & much more!