The Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library will be opening at 2 pm today.

For everyone's safety, all people entering our libraries must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose the entire time they are in the building.
Repeat violators will be banned. Thank you for your cooperation.

2019 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge for January
Read a book you've been meaning to read.
Recommended reads.

Best books of 2018: Children (ages 0-7) -- Children (ages 8-12) -- Teens -- Adult Fiction -- Adult Nonfiction

African American History Month
Read a book written by a person of color.

Women's History Month
Read a book by or about women.

Reading Challenge for April
Read a children's book.

Reading Challenge for May
Read a graphic novel.

GLBT Book Month
Read a book by or about a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Reading Challenge for July
Read a science book.

Diversity Awareness Month
Read a book by or about someone who is different from you.

Reading Challenge for September
Read a book that was banned or challenged.
Book recommendations.

Hispanic Heritage Month
Read a book by or about an immigrant to a new country.

Reading Challenge for November
Read a book written by someone from Maryland.

Final 2019 Reading Challenge!
Read a book published in 2019.
Best of 2019:
   Children (Birth - 7)
   Children (8 - 12)