Library by Mail

Library By Mail is free home delivery of library material to any resident of Anne Arundel County, MD who is homebound due to illness, injury or disability. 

Who is Eligible for Library By Mail Service? 
We use the Medicare definition of Homebound (found on page 5): 

  • You have trouble leaving your home without help because of an illness or injury OR
  • Leaving your home isn't recommended because of your condition AND
  • You're normally unable to leave your home and leaving home is a major effort

We will also attempt to accommodate customers expecting to be homebound for a short period of time, such as while recovering from medical issues. 

How do I apply for Library By Mail?
Download and fill out this application form. You can fill in most of the information on your computer. Print the form and take it to an eligible certifier as described on the form for their signature. Then add your signature and return it to Library By Mail by mail to Library By Mail, Glen Burnie Regional Library, 1010 Eastway, Glen Burnie 21060. You may also call 410-222-6270 and ask for Library By Mail to request a form.

What Can I Borrow Using Library By Mail?
Books, magazines, Books on CD & MP3, Music on CD, PLAYAWAYS, and DVDs can be mailed in our pre-paid protective mailing pouches.

Library by Mail pouches

How Long Can I Keep Items Mailed to Me? 
Items are loaned for 4 weeks, and may be renewed five times for an additional 4 weeks per renewal. However, items that have a waiting list may not be renewed. 


How do I Return Material?
Place the material in the pouch, zip it closed, remove the address label from the outside pocket of the mailing pouch, flip it over, and put it in the pocket so the Library address is facing front. Put the pouch out for the mail carrier to pick up. The pouches are prepaid, so you never have to pay for postage.


How Do I Request Material?
Each pouch we mail to you will include a paper Request Form for you to send when you are returning items to us. You may also request items by:

  • calling 410-222-6270 and asking for Library By Mail
  • emailing
  • downloading and printing the paper request form and sending it by USPS to Library By Mail, Glen Burnie Regional Library, 1010 Eastway, Glen Burnie 21060
  • Library By Mail staff will select material for you based on your preferences, if you prefer.


What Do I Do If My Material is Overdue?
There are no overdue fines! We will contact you by phone, letter, or email if your material is seriously overdue.


What Do I Do If My Material Is Lost & Damaged?
Lost and damaged materials are noted in our records and we will contact you to arrange payment. Excessive instances of lost or damaged materials may result in reduction and/or suspension of service.