Chromebook Kits

Chromebook, hotspot, and case

Chromebooks with Internet Access Available For 7-Day Checkout

AACPL offers chromebooks and wifi at a time when people without internet access need it the most.

“Thanks to funding from the Library Foundation, we are proud to be able to meet the needs of many families that are working and learning at home.” - Library CEO Skip Auld.

Use the Chromebook and wifi hotspot to:

  • Connect the Chromebook to the internet using the hotspot
  • Use the hotspot to put up to 10 wifi enabled devices online simultaneously
  • Access or save files on a USB drive
  • Access or save files to your Google, Microsoft, iCloud or other online account. (Instructions below)
  • Upload documents that you wish to print at the library
  • Attend or participate in Online Events

How To Use

  • Remove both devices and follow the instructions attached to the case to set up both
  • The Chromebook can be used both on and off a wifi network, however you must be connected to the hotspot or other wifi network to go online to view webpages, retrieve and send email or login to online accounts such as Google or Microsoft.
  • Internet access and an online account such as a Microsoft or Google account is required to access online applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc
  • You can use a USB drive to save files or you can upload files to a cloud based storage account.
  • Chromebooks can be checked out for 7 days. Please turn your Chromebook off and call an Anne Arundel County Public Library branch to arrange returning the kit. Do not return in a bookdrop.


If you experience difficulty with the chromebook or hotspot

Create a free Google or Microsoft account


  • Connect to a Wifi network and go to Click the Sign In button in the top left of the page and then click Create account.
  • Follow the instructions and fill in the form to create your account.
  • If you own a mobile phone or tablet that uses the Android operating system, you may already have a Google account. Visit to login using the same password you use on your device to login to your Google apps (gmail or Google Calendar)


  • Connect to a Wifi network and go to Click Create a Microsoft account
  • Follow the prompts and instructions to create your account. If you do not have an email account, you can create one at this time. If you already have an email account, a verification email will be sent to your email address.

Apple Account:

  • If you own an Apple device, such as an iPad or iPhone, you automatically have iCloud storage. You can upload files to your iCloud or use other iCloud applications by going to and logging in with your Apple password used on your device.