SAIL – Student Access to Improved Learning

SAIL - Student Access to Improved Learning

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What is SAIL?

SAIL is your key to the world of information and learning tools available from the Anne Arundel County Public Library.

It is a special library account, which you can use to borrow books, magazines, journals, online encyclopedias, educational DVDs and other resources from the Anne Arundel County Public Library. It also lets you use premium resources like courseslanguage learning from Rosetta Stone or BrainFuse for live homework help.

Check out up to three items with no fines, but you still need to return the books on time!


How does it work?

SAIL works just like a regular library card, only there’s no plastic card to keep track of.

Your SAIL number is made up of a prefix code and your student number:
Example of a student library card number, it always begins with 21997080 with your student  id number after it

Important – your SAIL number has a six-digit PIN, which is set to the digits in your birthday. 
For example, if your birthday is 10/18/2008, your PIN is 101808
. You can change your PIN anytime you want online or ask the friendly staff at the library to change it for you. 


Where can I find my student number?

You can find your student number on your report card or you can ask your teacher.


How do I use SAIL at the library?

Easy!  – when you check out a book, just tell the staff you are an AACPS student and tell them your student number. You can also show them your student ID 

Can I use the library’s catalog, online books and magazines?

Yes! Your SAIL number works just like a library card. Anytime the Library’s website asks for your library card number, just enter your SAIL number. You can also use any of the library's eResources to access ebooks, audiobooks, stream videos, etc. with your SAIL number and PIN.

What if I have more questions?

Use our Ask a Question form on many pages of this website to find the answers you need. You can always call or visit your nearest library branch for more help. 

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Are you a Private School representative (principal, headmaster, librarian, administrative staff representative) that is interested in acquiring SAIL accounts for your students? Please fill in this form and someone will contact you.