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by Sydney W., Annapolis High School

Yona of the Dawn coverYona of the Dawn is a manga about a spoiled and sheltered princess, who has never seen the outside of her castle until on her sixteenth birthday. Everything changes when her father, the emperor is murdered and Yona and her guard, Hak, are driven outside of the castle. Now fugitives, they seek the legendary dragon warriors of myth for protection and to save their kingdom.

The characters and the art style are what really draws me to this manga series. The characters are all unique and memorable, and have realistic conflicts and flaws. The art style seems simple yet is detailed and very visually pleasing. The characters all have their own development and arcs and it all comes very naturally. Another thing is that the situations these characters are in is unique and it drives a very interesting and engaging plot.

The only thing I would say I dislike is that sometimes, particularly fight scenes, as the series progresses, they seem slightly repetitive, just in small ways though. I think those who like fantasy stories and manga or comics in general would enjoy this series a lot. It features a strong female character and very memorable side characters that you get attached to very quickly. It has a lot of found family themes within it, so I think it would really appeal to anyone looking for a soft, yet action-packed series.

Click here to check out the Yona of the Dawn series by Mizuho Kusanagi.

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