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Celebrate Pride Month with AACPL

Embrace Diversity and Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month at Anne Arundel County Public Libraries! 

June is a month brimming with vibrant colors, love and acceptance as we come together to celebrate

Arab American Heritage Month

April is Arab American Heritage Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the rich and diverse contributions of Arab Americans to the cultural, social and political fabric of the United States.

Art In Our Schools

Spring is in the air, the trees are beginning to bud, and Anne Arundel County Public Library is full of beautiful artwork! For over four decades, the library has partnered with our friends at Anne Arundel County Public Schools to host Art in Our Schools.  

New Resources for Early Learners

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Preparing your child for kindergarten sets the stage for future learning and overall success.

Keeping Our Community Warm

As temperatures continue to fall and the dreaded “s” word creeps into the weather forecast, Anne Arundel County Public Library is helping to ensure that everyone stays warm this winter.

AACPL Staff Favorites of 2022

Happy December, friends!

We hope everyone has had an incredible 2022 filled with action-packed fiction, gripping memoirs, riveting mysteries and magical fantasy adventures. We know our year at the library has been filled with all of the above!

Connecting with Faith Communities

December is a time when many in our community celebrate traditions and gather, whether at home, in a religious community or at another gathering place like the library.